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by Benedict Simone

Ozwald 23 | Furniture Knob


Furniture knob made from metal and leather combination, available in multiple finishes.

Furniture knobs are ideal for all spaces; kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, hallway -  Ozwald 23 is the perfect example of how gorgeous a handle can be when the right materials are used. Metal and leather have always complimented each other, you automatically get durability and style all in one.

Ozwald cabinet knobs are made of solid brass and stainless steel with a variety of different finishes wrapped in that beautiful leather which is hand-stitched by masters of the art. Leather always has a lovely feel and a nice detail that elevates furniture into that luxurious class; it's waterproof for those wet-spaces and naturally scratch resistant, a triple threat winning material.



Ozwald Boateng, British fashion designer who’s “instinctive use of colour, cut and fabrics” has been the inspiration behind this series of cabinetry knobs. Ozwald’ s principles in refining the the silhouette of a man to the highest of levels shares a similar approach to the intentions of this cabinet knob series. The silhouette of a kitchen should be beautifully simple and elegant, an Ozwald 23 knob adds the final finishing touch that elevates the design from beautiful to amazing.


Technical Specification

Material: Solid Brass | Stainless Steel | Leather

Size (mm): Ø20 | H23

Finishes: Satin Brass | Antique Brushed Bronze | Stainless Steel


Full Specification