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Benedict + Simone

Hey there.

Small details - BIG DIFFERENCE!

Our focus is an exciting designer collection of interior decor and hardware to make your home and space even more fantabulous!. Shop now
Handcrafted design pieces for any interior.

The Artisan way - ooh so stylish!

Make yourself at home! We have an eclectic mix of interior styles, from decor that can transform the look of a room to hardware that will upgrade any kitchen, bedroom or living room furniture - and that's only the beginning. We design and collaborate with designers and architects who are masters in their game - furthermore glass blowers, ceramists, blacksmiths and sculptors help make the lovely products we have available. All of our interior decor products such as objects and vases are handmade or hand-finished - our cabinetry hardware and accessories use top of the range specialised machines to craft the best quality fixtures and fittings that will last a life time. Let me see!
Discover more unique interior decor.

Are you an interior design professional..?

We love collaborating with designers and architects - We are bold in our style, careful with the materials we choose to work with and never compromising on quality. We have something for you!
Be Bold Be Different

New SS22 collection for designers

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A design approach

True design is about expression, we are a conduit that connects artists to people to spaces.

A little bit of texture makes a magnificent difference.

Creating fearlessly serene experiences

Natural Materials


Creating the perfect space in your home.

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Who's up for an interior consultation?

A well curated atmosphere always takes some planning, we can guide you along that journey.

So, what are we working with? - A living room, a bedroom, kitchen, the whole apartment/house... we will make sure you have the basics covered before adding that "je ne sais quoi" which will make your interior space special to you.

FYI - we can help with the basics, it's free every time you acquire a Benedict + Simone piece.