2nd floor, galleria esplanad, helsinki is where you will find a concept that speaks volumes. marita huurinainen is a high-end finnish womenswear brand with admirable principles.

the right material selection is key to the brands’ ethos, the belief that “one should not create anything wasteful into this world” echoes in their collections. clean lines, asymmetric cuts, layering, fusion of leather and fabric gives the pieces a really unique look and feel; so is this just another brand that acquires materials by the truckload, fashions them into garments with no disparity between other brands..?…well, no, quite the contrary, and seeing is believing in this case.

the collections are exceptional, they cater for the sophisticated woman whether you are looking for the piece for that special occasion, that ‘girl power vibe’ for businesswoman inside you or even switching things up on that day with some ‘hipster luxe’, either way, marita huurinainen has you covered.

leathers and wild fur approach for marita huurinainen is something we can find solace in.

animals that are farmed specifically for the use of creating materials is something the brand avoids. instead, their approach is to work closely with suppliers that source materials that have come to them by natural means, thus still keeping the connection between nature and the cycle that’s inevitable.

we have found that this brand really knows how to combine colours, textures and good quality traditional craftsmanship to really create something unique that will last a lifetime. whether you are looking to splash the cash or just looking for a nice small gift you can find it here, more importantly, you can be rest assured that it comes from great intentions and in our opinion, others should learn by example.

go check out marita huurinainen when you are in town or shop online for their latest collection – it’s awesome.