Polaroid have been giving us amazing eyewear for decades. for the last 80 years polaroid, we have viewed the world through their lenses. The vision began with yet another ‘Harvard dropout’.

Edwin Land like most entrepreneurs of our time had dreams, big dreams. where would you go to pursue such things, new york of course, and this is where the fishbowl story begins.

1920s, a young man in the big apple, lacking funds but never lacking optimism, he would sneak into laboratories at Columbia University to test out his theories and aren’t we glad he did.


By 1929 Edwin had invented modern ways to polarise light. he patented the breakthrough and went on to produce them for use in sunglasses, automobile headlights, and photography; cheers Edward.



“In 1935,Edwin land sells his first pair of Polaroid sunglasses and two years later he establishes the Polaroid Corporation in connecticut, usa. land decides to rename his “land-wheelwright laboratories” company “Polaroid Corporation” (from “polarizing celluloid”) to underline its focus on polarized lens technology and sunglasses.”


Fun facts – did you know?

“In 1939, the Chrysler corporation sponsors the first commercial 3d movie to be watched with Polaroid’s unique 3D glasses at the world trade fair in new york city”

“During WW2, Polaroid is chosen by the american air force and army as the supplier of high specification goggles for pilots and tank crew”


Polaroid in fashion

In the 50s and 60s, the fashion industry is alive again, Polaroid takes advantage of the boom and quickly begin to dominate the market due to their popular tv commercials. By the 80s, Polaroid was running campaigns with the hottest fashion icons and working in collaboration with the biggest magazines, they were destined to be industry pioneers.


With the face of tennis legend, Boris Becker Polaroid take eyewear to a new level by launching a new style of eyewear that has interchangeable lenses, you can still see the influence today in current brands like porsche design and the movie industry.


Polaroid 4804C sunglasses worn by Fernando Guillén Cuervo in James Bond Quantum of Solace

Porsche Design P’8478 P’8678


Polaroid stepped into a new era in 2010 by entering the optics market, for you thinking what the hell this is, well let’s just say its a whole different ballgame. They launched suncovers, ultrasight, premium polarized lenses, and polaroid premium 3d glasses, certified by Realid – a leading brand providing 3d technology applications, in 2017, polaroid celebrates its 80th birthday.