you may not have realised this bloggers, but for many years anything that has gone wrong along your epic quest to indulge us within your micro or indeed the macro world can be traced back to your travel luggage buddy.

scenario 1

have you been in the situation where before you even leave for your final destination there just isn’t enough room to pack all the important ‘equipment’ needed for your trip, so you end up debating with yourself for hours which items you should eliminate thus causing you to have a headache, increased use of profanity, and in extreme cases, tears?

scenario deux

can you relate to a situation where as you accompany your travel buddy to their safe storage place for the journey they decide to malfunction in some way, perhaps the wheels which are designed to move in the direction of travel decide to gain a mind of their own and wonder off in the opposite direction?

scenario c

you may have experienced rstgs (reverse sporadic travel growth syndrome) with your travel buddy, this is where for no reason at all, the items you packed into your luggage at the beginning of your journey doesn’t seem to fit back into the same luggage at the end of your journey, as if the luggage has literally shrunk.

so, whichever experience you have had with travel luggage be rest assured that our following suggestions will definitely take away the majority of those issues in the future.

we decided to you give you guys a wide range, particularly in terms of price to show you the best luggage within that range…if you do go and purchase any of these be sure to let us know how you get on with them nevertheless, for us, they are awesome.

1. it luggage en vogue expandable hardshell – €55

size – 35.56 x 22.86 x 55.88 cm

super powers – lightweight, different colours, glide skate wheels (colour matching; wow), expandable zips, additional compartments for extra items

2. herschel supply co – wheelie outfitter travel bag – €170

size – 13″(h) x 24″(w) x 11″(d)

super powers – retractable trolley handle, urethane wheels, two-way zipped fastening, carrying handle, clip-fastened laundry bag, branded id slot, striped lining, doubles as a weekender

3. brics – bellagio 21inch – €395 (currently €276.50)

size – 38 x55 x 20 cm

super powers – high-tech shell made from makrolon® polycarbonate, guarantees maximum resistance to shocks and scratches, lightweight, mesh pockets and garment bag, glide skate wheels, integrated tsa lock, vegetable tanned tuscan leather finishes with contrasting stitching and golden studs (you have to love the italians)

4. tumi latitude international slim carry on case – €620

size – 55 x 40 x 20 cm

superpowers – specially woven self-reinforced poly-propylene ballistic material, integrated tsa lock, three-stage telescoping handle, mesh zip pockets, tie-down straps (this really comes in handy when you get a case of rstgs)

5. porsche design – roadster hard case trolley s black edition – €649

size – 55 x 38 x 22 cm

superpowers – fitted frame and aerodynamic lines create a sporty and elegant look, ergonomic grip, lightweight glide skate wheels, two large main compartments one with zipped mesh divider, one with tie down straps, tsa locks when needed

6. mcm traveler visetos – €1395

size – 55 x 34 x 19 cm

super powers – exterior flat front zip compartment, compartmentalized interior with protective velcro covering interior side zip pocket and portable garment bag, removable luggage tag and hanging padlock and keys and it just looks fresh

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