some may say originality and deep-rooted craftsmanship is dead; in georg jensen it’s alive and kicking and has been for a century.

one thing that always blows a mind about georg jensen is how they have managed to keep traditional methods and principles at the apex of their philosophy at the same time stayed current, relevant and visionary…how is this possible?

sanne lund traberg is the designer behind the manhattan range, it’s one of the most popular collections from the ‘good ole guys’ at georg jensen. it oozes class from all sides respectively, it’s true class, taking aspects of original georg jensen photographs and sketches whilst at the same time drawing inspiration from the empire state and chrysler buildings in new york, architectural lines you would find in an urban metropolis has been fused subtly into seamless metal masterpieces for your living space.

“art deco is of course very important to georg jensen, but with manhattan we’ve presented a more modern expression of that era.” – sanne lund traberg

from fine dining, jewellery to home decor, georg jensen is always pushing for the individuality in their designs. this is really illustrated more so in many of their jewellery collections. unique shapes and materials really make them sexy and stand out amongst others.

simultaneously if one is looking for home decor that portrays the elegant side of your personality georg jensen also has you covered on all fronts.

its suffice to say this danish powerhouse has used the kiss formula (keep it simple stupid) to the highest level. the fact that you can combine most of the products with any environmental setup and still get the desired effect really does demonstrate how unique the brand is.

georg jensen has managed to keep a reputation at such a high standard designer from adjacent industries have felt collaborations are necessary. the great zaha hadid collaborated and my goodness what a collab’ it was. the fusion is so good it really does take one’s breath away, whilst you take a step back in awe of masters at work; appreciate the vision!

we were recently at a georg jensen event in helsinki, we gathered inside intelligence for up and coming collection in 2018 and it promises to be deliciously epic, we will update you right here when we get more from the guys over in denmark.

pictures courtesy of Oy Berrysco Ab –