besides the cool and appealing designs, 24Bottles are tackling the huge problem the world has with plastic bottles head on. the company started back in 2013 with a core mission around sustainability. as we all know, issues with carbon emissions are getting worse and pretty much most daily activities at some point contribute to this growing problem.

24Bottles encourage you to do your small little part by switching from plastics to reusable materials like their stainless steel bottles.

the bottles come in two main sizes and forms, the urban bottle (left) and the clima bottle (right) the urban is a single-walled stainless steel water bottle that’s very lightweight and after reviewing it ourselves keep contents hot or cold for quite a considerable amount of time, nevertheless, should you want something specifically for that then switching to the clima bottle is your best bet, it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12; it’s double-walled stainless steel.

an array of different colours and designs will give you choices and if that’s not enough 24Bottles will even allow you customize your bottles for specific purposes however this part of the services more aimed at business enquiries. either way 24Bottles is helping us make sustainability fun, this is what has been missing from bringing more attention to this industry; it shouldn’t be the case, however, this type of approach makes it more appealing especially to the younger crowd.

the numbers you will find on the bottles indicate how much co2 emissions you are helping to save from being emitted into the atmosphere everytime one chooses to use the bottle as opposed to something plastic, 24Bottles therefore by approaching their business model in this way automatically help their carbon footprint, as shown above.

benedict and simone decided to test the 24Bottles clima in a tough environment, we left our hot beverage out in the cold wilderness of the Finnish countryside where temperatures at this time of the year can fall as low as -20 degrees. we came back over 6 hours later and surprisingly the contents were still relatively warm, so we have no doubt that in ‘better’ weather the bottle will do “as it says on the tin”.

if you have yet to get on board with this one do it now, it’s cool and purposeful, @ only €19.90 for the urban bottle 0.5L, €24.90 for the 1L and €34.90 for the clima it’s actually not that much for what it actually is and does for the environment. there are also special edition bottles like the vivienne westwood collaboration which we gladly had the chance to purchase a while back when it was first launched; 24Bottles is doing things right and we hope others follow suit, we can’t wait to see what new tricks this brand has coming for the future.

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